Red Grape Macro Algae Frag 3"

$ 6.99

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his beautiful red macroalgae resembles Caulerpa racemosa (grape Caulerpa) but they are actually not related at all. The proper name for this red macro is Botryocladia. This macroalgae can be safely place them in the main aquarium without worry about it overtaking the tank. This macroalgae grows in a root like fashion with a few attaching points on the rock and many offshoots from the main branches. The growth rate can be considered slow to moderate.

Caution should be taking when placed in a tank with herbivores. A large softball sized bush can be devoured in a matter of days by Tangs as they do enjoy this macro. There are a few options to attach this macro. It may be wedged between rocks to give it a chance to attach or it may be placed in the substrate.

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