Blue Scroll Macroalgae

$ 6.99

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Of all the macroalgae we have seen, this is one of the most unique we’ve come across. There is no blue chlorophyll, but there is a unique pigment on this macroalgae that bounces back blue light. The macroalgae gives off a blue shimmering effect when the pumps are on. Even under a 10k bulb this macro appears blue. This is a very hardy macroalgae that grows in a huge range of lighting and flow. To get the best blue effect, it's best to keep this in very low light and near the bottom. This macro will grow fast even in low lighting. We’ve kept a clipping in every single one of our holding tanks which range from weak spiral fluorescent lights to 400 watts of metal halide and they’ve all done great.

Due to its rarity and demand we can only offer clippings at this point. However, this macroalgae does grow at a decent rate and you should start seeing plating in a month or so. Here is a recent picture of our mother colony:

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